Prevents heart attacks? Prevents HANGOVERS???

In this article we will check out the other benefits of consuming watercress, as if the last article wasn’t enough!!!  Watercress is a nutrient dense leafy green called the “cure of cures” by none other then Hippocrates.  His first hospital on the island of Kos was deliberately placed near a stream so that he could administer fresh watercress to his patients in 400 BC!!!

Modern herbalists recognize the blood cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties of watercress, often recommending it for eczema.  It also prevents bruising due to its high Vitamin C & K content.  The vitamin C in watercress is necessary for boosting immunity, lowering high blood pressure, brain tissue repairs, improved thyroid function and the prevention of iron deficiency.  Some other benefits include weight loss, purifying the blood, preventing hangovers, treating diabetes, improving vision, maintain healthy bones, maintaining healthy gallbladder, strong hair, strong teeth and preventing colds.

Benefits of watercress:

1.    The high nutritional content cleanses the blood, repairs cellular damage, and brain tissue.

2.    The rich nutrition is also a boost for your immune system and is a protection from bacteria, virus and fungi.  It eliminates free radicals and inflammation, as well.

3.    Prevents hardening of the arteries, lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attacks.

4.    Promotes normal thyroid function, which eradicates depression, constipation and weight gain.

5.    Prevents anemia, as watercress is a rich source of iron, and increases red blood cell count.

6.    PREVENTS HANGOVER – it stimulates cleansing enzymes that detox your liver!!!

7.    Promotes weight loss due to its high fiber and amino acids which keep you feeling fuller longer.  Plus, it’s low cal!

8.    Promotes diuresis which eliminates toxins from the body.

9.    Watercress contains an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid, which lowers glucose levels, prevents oxidative stress and increases insulin sensitivity.

10. Due to its high vitamin C content, research suggests that watercress minimizes cataract development and improve vision overall.

11. Contains minerals such as iron, zinc and many others, contributing to stronger healthier hair.  Zinc in particular washes bacteria from your scalp eliminating dandruff.

12. Contains sulfur glycoside, which is powerful enough to treat long term bronchitis and coughs.

13. Contains bioavailable calcium and therefore excellent for teeth and gums.

14. Prevents cognitive changes associated with aging and Alzheimer’s and HEALS brain tissues.

15. Minimizes the risk of catching a cold by 66%

With all of this information, there is no reason not to eat watercress every day.  I put it on my sandwich that I take to work.  Just 85 grams a day – a cereal bowl full had a significant impact on DNA damage to blood cells, which is an important trigger in the development of cancer.  And the greatest improvement was in the smokers that were tested!  Prof. Rowland added: "Blood cell DNA damage is an indicator of whole body cancer risk, and, the results support the theory that consumption of watercress is linked to an overall reduced risk of cancer at various sites in the body. The nature of the study group also means that the results are applicable to the general population eating a normal diet."  So do yourself a favor, get some watercress, either buy it or grow it, but get it!!!

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