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Herbs to calm your adrenals!

            Feeling stressed out?  Are having anxiety attacks or vertigo?  The problem may lie in two glands sitting atop your kidneys, called the adrenal glands.  They are responsible for the “fight or flight” reactions to stress.  But if we are constantly stressed out or feel overwhelmed by life, the adrenal can get stuck in “on” mode pumping out too much adrenaline and cortisol.  Making you feel either fatigued or wired.  Good news!  There are supplements out there that can help calm your adrenals down and bring them into balance.

            If your adrenals are overactive, you may feel wired at all times, your body spikes your blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure and insulin levels.  If unchecked, it could lead to long term issues such as metabolic syndrome or Type II diabetes.  If the adrenals are underactive, you may feel fatigued all of the time, the adrenals having been overtaxed for being constantly “on”, causing adrenal burnout.

            Thankfully, Mother Nature has an answer.  Adaptogenic Herbs are herbs that balance the bodies functions.  If levels are too high, they bring them down – if levels are too low they bring them up!  Balance.  Ashwaganda or “Indian Ginseng” stabilizes thyroid hormones and lowers stress.  It also improves sleep and lowers anxiety.  Rhodiola is another potent adaptogen which reduces irritability, but boosts concentration, immune function and hormonal balance.

            Herbs known as nervines and relaxants help to relax the body are chamomile, lavender and skullcap.  Chamomile stimulates glycine production, which is a nerve relaxant with mild sedative properties.  It also contains a flavonoid called apigenin, a mild tranquilizer that promotes sleep onset and sleep quality.  Lavender tea calms the nerves and soothes the mind.  In a research study, lavender preformed just as well as benzodiazepine with no side effects.  Skullcap has traditionally been used to treat panic attacks and promote sleep.

            Astralgus root (see my blog article entitled “Heal your Telomeres” from 4/18/19) has been used in Chinese medicine as a tonic that supports your cardiovascular system, kidney and liver function.  It is also a powerful immune stimulant.  Licorice is an adaptogen that regulates stress hormones, so it is a good remedy for adrenal fatigue.  Ginseng treats issues such as low adrenals, fatigue, lack of energy and low libido.  Warming herbs, such as ginger and cinnamon, increase energy, boost metabolism and stabilize blood sugars.

            Herbs to calm the adrenals are lemon balm for nervous system support; Passionflower to restore a calm mind; and valerian root for restful sleep.  Maca is interesting because it supports healthy estrogen and testosterone levels.  An herb called eleutherococcus is great to take in the morning as it improves energy, stamina and memory.  Gotu Kola keeps your adrenals healthy while you are undergoing the stressor.

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