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Stressed out??? Anxiety??? Look here....

Herbs to calm your adrenals!             Feeling stressed out?   Are having anxiety attacks or vertigo?   The problem may lie in two glands sitting atop your kidneys, called the adrenal glands.   They are responsible for the “fight or flight” reactions to stress.   But if we are constantly stressed out or feel overwhelmed by life, the adrenal can get stuck in “on” mode pumping out too much adrenaline and cortisol.   Making you feel either fatigued or wired.   Good news!   There are supplements out there that can help calm your adrenals down and bring them into balance.             If your adrenals are overactive, you may feel wired at all times, your body spikes your blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure and insulin levels.   If unchecked, it could lead to long term issues such as metabolic syndrome or Type II diabetes.   If the adrenals are underactive, you may feel fatigued all of the time, the adrenals having been overtaxed for being constantly “on”, causing adren

Heal your DNA???

   I don’t know if you have noticed a theme in my blog, but I keep finding things that have anticancer properties, so I am going with it.   I knew oregano was super antiseptic (one drop in a gallon of water will purify it!), but it wasn’t until I researched for the blog that I found the anticandidal and anticancer connection.   (See my article “Kills Candida and another ‘C’”…)   Today, I bring you watercress, an easily sprouted green to be added to salads, smoothies, sautéed greens, or soup.   Watercress, found near springs or streams, is a plant that is a close cousin to arugula, with a similar flavor.   Watercress contains more vitamin C than an orange, more calcium than milk , more iron than spinach , and more folate than bananas.   Vitamin K is by far the most prominent nutrient in watercress, with 312% of the daily recommended value. It forms and strengthens the bones and limits neuronal damage in the brain, which is helpful in treating Alzheimer's disease.


Wow! Nicotine makes us smarter, makes sense why the Demon/Deep State would make everyone quit.   Tobacco actually PROTECTS the lungs from all other pollutants INCLUDING radiation!   Think chemtrails, and possibly nanotechnology???  No wonder why they tried to get us all to quit smoking!!   Everything else that is bad for us is pushed and promoted, bad food, bad water, bad air, so for me who has been a smoker for THIRTY FIVE years (my skin is beautiful and clear and I have no difficulty breathing, and I am rarely sick!)   I always wondered why they pushed so hard for people to quit, I knew it must be good for you, and I was right!!!   Read this article all of the way through.   IT.   WILL.   BLOW.   YOUR.   MIND!!!   This was written by A. Bridges at on January 7, 2017, a thoroughly researched article and wow!   Not only is smoking good for you, it is really, really good for you.   This is the greatest day of my life!!!   I KNEW it!!!   Believe it or not, smoking also p