Kills Candida and another "C"...

Oregano oil is made from the plant, Origanum vulgare, the common Italian spice.  Oregano is a small, bushy plant that belongs to the mint family.  A growing body of research shows that oregano oil is one of the most potent natural remedies known.  Oregano contains high concentrations of important compound, carvacrol, a phenol, which is an antioxidant and thymol (also found in thyme in high concentrations) which protects against toxins and fights fungal infections.

            According to Scandorieiro et al, from Frontiers in Microbiology, who used oregano oil in combination with colloidal silver, “In conclusion, the combination of bio-AgNP (colloidal silver)( see my blog post “Kills MRSA, among other things”)  with OEO (oregano essential oil) resulted in synergistic and additive antimicrobial activities against the multidrug-resistant bacterial strains of E. coli, A. baumannii and MRSA. Therefore bio-AgNP combined with OEO has potential to be applied in industry (cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical, for example) and clinical and hospital settings (i.e., for treating wounds and burns infections, or for disinfecting hospital to combat resistant strains as A. baumannii).” (1)  These researchers also found oregano to be effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis, two common causes of infection. (1)

            Researchers at the BMC, found that oregano oil kills the yeast infection, Candida, which affects nearly everyone.  Candida causes oral thrush, yeast infections, infected toenails or fingernails, and athlete’s foot.  The results of this study suggest that thymol acts at the level of the fungal plasma membrane by interfering with the process of ergosterol biosynthesis, promoting increased membrane permeability and causing the depletion of components essential to fungal cell survival” (3) So what I am getting from this is that the oregano penetrates the fungal cell membrane causing fungal cell death. Great, problem solved!  A 2014 study found that oregano was effective at treating small intestine bacterial overgrowth. (4)

            Leyva-Lopez, et al stated “Essential oils of oregano are widely recognized for their antimicrobial activity, as well as their antiviral and antifungal properties. Nevertheless, recent investigations have demonstrated that these compounds are also potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and cancer suppressor agents.” (5)  They also noted the antioxidant effect of oregano oil.  The main component of oregano oil, carvacrol, shows amazing promise against many different types of cancer cells.  When tested against colon, liver, (8) breast, lung, prostate, oral cancer AND malignant brain tumors, carvacrol expedited cancer cell death - all while being non-toxic. (6)

            “Obesity and metabolic syndrome are life-threatening events that lead to growing health issues worldwide. Obesity is the central and causal component in metabolic syndromes, resulting from an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure that can cause impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes” (5) “Some studies have suggested that EOs from numerous plants may play a key role in reversing some metabolic syndrome factors.” (5) “The anti-diabetic properties of EOO have been related to the main components such as carvacrol and thymol” (5)

            On top of that, oregano will help you with weight loss.  In one study, mice gained significantly less weight when fed a high fat diet and had lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood.  Oregano also offers antiaging benefits due to its huge amount of antioxidants.  In addition to making you look good, oregano positively influences your nervous system and mind, promoting a calming mood, reduced stress and inhibit emotional abnormalities. (7)

WOW! Combat shooter???

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