Lemongrass Tea and The Big C

Amazing Lemongrass!!!
Another amazing herb you must add to your diet is Lemongrass.  It is inexpensive and makes a delicious iced tea, that you don’t have to add sugar or lemon to, my kids love it!  It is a perennial grass that is very easy to grow yourself, native to India.  It has numerous medicinal benefits, including killing cancer.   According to Israeli researchers, a drink with as little as ONE GRAM of lemongrass contains enough citral to prompt cancer cells to commit suicide, all without harming health cells. (1)(2) Citral, as the active compound, is also found in Melissa and Verbena, also herbs.  If you look at the studies cited below, remember “apoptotic” means cell death.  Another study, by Nakamura et al, found, “The present study also implied the antioxidant role of GST induction by citral in mouse skin, providing a new insight into skin cancer prevention.  Lemongrass also helps to flush away harmful toxins out of the body, ideal if you are doing a fast or a detox cleanse.  Detoxification is beneficial for all organs of your body, particularly the liver and kidneys.

            The Journal of Applied Microbiology states that Lemongrass essential oil has an anti-biofilm capacity and kills Staphylococus aureus, or as we call it a staph infection.(4) Lemongrass’ antimicrobial and antibacterial properties also fight infections caused by Heliobacter pylori and Escherichia coli, which causes gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation & diarrhea.  Lemongrass is also effective in treating ringworm, althlete’s foot, scabies, and UTIs.  It is also effective against Candida, a yeast infection. (6)  Another study indicated that lemongrass helps maintain optimal levels of insulin and improves the tolerance of glucose in the body.(7)  It has also been found to be an immune system booster.  Lemongrass is also known as “fever grass”, for its ability to cut a fever.  In Ayurvedic medicine it is used to treat coughs and colds, and even bronchial asthma. (8)

            Lemongrass is nervine and is a tonic for the nervous system.  It helps combat convulsions, nervousness, vertigo, and other neuronal disorders.  It is used in baths, which not only relieve anxiety and stress, but lemongrass also happens to be an excellent skin tonic.  Particularly good for oily or acne prone skin.  Lemongrass strengthens and tones the skin tissue, while sterilizing the pores.  If you get lemongrass essential oil, use it with a carrier oil as it is a bit spicy and may irritate your skin and cause a burning sensation.

            Lemongrass alleviates the pain from headaches and migraines.  It will also relieve spasms, muscle cramps, sprains, bruises and back pain.  It will also relieve the pain of arthritis, as well.  In addition to all of this it is an excellent sleep aid.  So what I am saying???  Get some lemongrass!!!  I am going to brew a batch of lemongrass tea and use it in my water bottle instead of plain water from now on!  And keep a pitcher in my fridge!

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