Fights drug resistant infections & lowers cholesterol!!!

Ginger is a plant related to turmeric and cardamom, whose root is well known for its medicinal properties.  The Chinese, Romans and Greeks have all documented the use of ginger and its multitude of health benefits.  Ginger can fight infections, fungi, lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss – clearly a powerhouse for your health!!!  Ginger is loaded with important vitamins and minerals and couldn’t be easier to add to your diet.  Make your self some ginger tea or take it in capsule form as a supplement.

            More importantly, in a study by Park et al, “In conclusion, we describe experiments that show [6]-gingerol induces apoptotic cell death in p53-mutant cancer cells. The death mechanism was characterized, revealing that [6]-gingerol not only initiated cell cycle arrest but ultimately caused cell death through apoptosis. Thus, [6]-gingerol, is capable of killing cancer cells expressing mutant p53, overcoming the phenotypic resistance to chemotherapy- and irradiation-induced cell death.” (1)  This is saying that ginger is capable of killing chemo-resistant pancreatic cancer cells, imagine what it could do to regular cancer cells.  In a study by Rhode, et al, “The significant morbidity and limited success of surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer has led to searches for alternative therapies. Recently, ginger root and its main poly-phenolic constituents (gingerols and zerumbone) been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory [16-19], and anti-neoplastic activity [20-24] in several cell types through inhibition of the transcription factor NF-κB [25-28].” And “Different tumor types, including ovarian cancer, have been shown to express high constitutive NF-κB activity[9]. In this study we show that ginger blocks NF-κB activation in ovarian cancer cells, resulting in inhibition of NF-κB regulated gene products involved in cellular proliferation and angiogenesis.  So basically, ginger blocks the way that ovarian cancer cells and other tumor types grow.  I include the direct quote from the study so you can see what the researchers are saying for yourself, and if you have to look a few words up so be it!

The Red Tea Detox
            Ginger can also improve your brain function.  A 2012 study found that ginger extract improved the cognitive function and focus in middle aged women. (3) “We found that the ginger-treated groups had significantly decreased P300 latencies, increased N100 and P300 amplitudes, and exhibited enhanced working memory. Therefore, ginger is a potential cognitive enhancer for middle-aged women.” (3)

            In addition to killing fungal infections (4), ginger is very effective at killing bacterial infections as well, including multiple drug resistant pathogens. (5) “However, ginger has been used widely as herbal medicine. In particular, its gingerol-related components have been reported to possess antimicrobial and antifungal properties, as well as several pharmaceutical properties. The garlic and ginger is popular as plants and food ingredient for flavouring and adding acidity, its juices have been reported to exhibit antibacterial activity against wide range of microbes including K. pneumoniae, Shigella flexnerii, E. coli ATCC 25922 and Vibrio cholerae”


A few other things Ginger can do for you:

                        -Regulates blood sugar (6)

                        -Relieves joint and muscle pain (7)

                        -Lowers cholesterol levels (8)

                        -Improves digestion (9)

                        -Protects against stomach ulcers (10)

                        -Treats nausea in pregnancy and chemo (11) (12)

                        -Eases menstrual cramps and pain (13)

            This is one of those foods that does so much good for your body, it should be something you consume every day.  Spice up your tea, smoothies and more with this delicious and nutritious root, and benefit from its powerful healing properties!


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