Allergies and Essential oils

            Now that allergy season is in full swing, I just want to take a minute to empower you against your allergies.  An allergy is an overreaction of your immune system to an otherwise harmless substance.  Most people experience blocked and runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, and no sense of smell, but some have more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing.  Others can break out in rashes or hives-not the best look!

            For an explanation as to how essential oils fight allergies, I refer you to Dr, Axe:

            How Do Essential Oils Fight Allergies?

An allergic reaction begins in the immune system. An allergen is a substance that tricks the immune system — making it think that the allergen is an invader. The immune system then overreacts to the allergen, which is really a harmless substance, and produces Immunoglobulin E antibodies. These antibodies travel to cells that release histamine and other chemicals, causing the allergic reaction.

The most common causes of an allergic reaction include:

·         Pollen

·         Dust

·         Mold

·         Insect stings

·         Animal dander

·         Food

·         Medications

·         Latex

These allergens will trigger symptoms in the nose, throat, lungs, ears, sinuses and lining of the stomach or on the skin. The question here still remains — if these common causes have been around for thousands of years, then why have the allergy rates increased in recent history?

One of the theories behind explaining the increase in allergies has to do with inflammation, the root of most diseases. The body responds in a certain way to an allergen because the immune system is in overdrive. When the body is already dealing with high inflammation, any allergen sets off an increased reaction. That means that when the body’s immune system is overworked and stressed, introducing an allergen sends the body into overreaction.

If the immune system and inflammation within the body was balanced, the reaction to the allergen would be normal; however, today these reactions are exaggerated and lead to the next unneeded allergic reaction.

One of the most amazing benefits of essential oils are their ability to fight inflammation and boost the immune system. Essential oils for allergies will help to detoxify the body and fight infections, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms and harmful toxins. They reduce the bodies susceptibility to outside sources and reduce the overreaction of the immune system when it is faced with a harmless intruder. Some exceptional essential oils even work to relieve respiratory conditions and increase sweat and urination — helping with the elimination of toxins.”


The Top Ten Oils For Allergy Relief:

1.    Lavender is a natural antihistamine and will reduce allergic reactions in the body.  A natural cure for headaches, it can also be used for allergic skin reactions.  Published in the Journal “Life Sciences”, it has been found that Lavender is effective at treating bronchial asthma.  You can put a few drops on your pillow or apply it directly to your chest.

2.    Lemon oil is a natural antioxidant used to treat respiratory problems associated with allergies. Lemon supports lymphatic system drainage.  It will also cleanse toxins and reduce your body’s reaction to irritants.  You can also clean surfaces all naturally with lemon oil and water.

3.    Lemongrass oil gets rid of sneezing, runny nose and wheezing, inhaling an infusion of lemongrass will ease the inflammation in the respiratory tract.  Lemongrass is antifungal, and a natural insect repellent.

4.    Peppermint will immediately clear your sinuses!  It is also effective against coughs, sinusitis, asthma, colds, and bronchitis.  Peppermint also inhibits the contractions that cause you to cough.  Use caution, this oil is VERY spicy-DILUTE!!!

5.    Basil oil reduces the inflammatory reaction to allergens, supports the adrenals, and detoxifies the body from bacteria and viruses.  Studies prove basil can kill bacteria, molds and yeast.

6.    Bergamot oil is effective in relieving cough, asthmatic symptoms, and reducing phlegm a 2010 study found.

7.    Frankincense is an expectorant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, unblocks sinuses, and clears congestion.

8.    Clove oil not only inhibits allergic responses and kills fungal infections, but you can also disinfect work surfaces, kitchen surfaces, doorknobs and bathrooms.  Clove can destroy mites, often a cause of reactions as well.  Use caution, this oil is VERY spicy-DILUTE!!!

9.    Rosemary inhibits muscle contractions of the trachea caused by histamine, reducing coughing.  It has an overall antihistamine effect on the entire body to reduce allergic responses.

10. Oregano boosts the immune system and has a STRONG antimicrobial effect.  It is so strong in fact it can be used as a natural antibiotic, particularly, for drug resistant bacterial infections.  It is antiviral as well.  Use caution, this oil is VERY spicy-DILUTE!!!

To use these oils, put them in a diffuser, put a few drops in hot water to inhale the steam, or put a few drops in a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil and massage it directly into your skin.  Another way is to soak your allergies away in a relaxing bath with 8 to 10 drops of essential oils of your choosing.   Information about essential oils can be found in the excellent series of books on EOs by Valerie Ann Worwood.  I love the organic and wildcrafted oils at  Gesundheit!!!

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