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Today, I  am  totally cheating, but it’s  Friday!!!   I  just wanted to make you aware of a product that I use and I really love it.   You can get it at and it’s called “Wild Force Green Formula”.   Before I recommended this, I did search to make sure there was no negative issues with Markus or his product.   I know this is a long article, but carefully read through each ingredient, and what it can do for you!   We all know someone who is struggling with health issues, so share, share and SHARE!!!   Also, I am not affiliated with this company or product, I do not make any money from this – I am simply sharing information.   So basically, I am going to let Markus tell you all about this product: “ Take this nutritional-packed fuel every day, as many times as you want. Be aware, my greens are super powerful. Start off with a small amount and work your way up. Compared with other greens on the market, my container has 430 grams of serious power fro