Heal your Telomeres....

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Astralgus Root!

            Astralgus root is used traditionally in Chinese medicine, as an adaptogen, it is a tonic for many conditions, physical and emotional.  Astralgus root has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities which give it a broad range of therapeutic uses from heart and liver disease to common colds and allergies.

            Astralgus Root contains three components that give the plant its potency; saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides. 

According to studies posted at Phytochemistry Reviews, at www.ncbi.nlm.gov, saponins were toxic to a wide range of c_a_n_c_e_r cells, including leukemia, melanoma, renal, prostate and breast.  A study by Tian et al. 2009, showed significant effects against glioblastoma, the most common type of brain c_a_n_c_e_r.  However, normal brain tissue was unaffected. 

Flavonoids help cells communicate effectively. Posted on NCBI, Yao et al. 2004, stated, “Many flavonoids are shown to have antioxidative, free-radical scavenging capacity, coronary heart disease prevention, and antic_a_n_c_e_r activity, while some flavonoids exhibit potential for anti-human immunodeficiency virus functions.” Fruits, vegetables, tea and wine (yay!) are the main sources of flavonoids in the human diet.

According to Misurcova et al. 2012, they found that polysaccharides, “exhibit immunomodulatory (means having an effect on the immune system), antitumor (inhibiting the growth of tumors), antithrombotic (reduces the formation of blood clots), anticoagulant (blood thinners), antimutagenic (protects DNA from mutation), anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling), antimicrobial (kills microorganisms) and antiviral (kills viruses) activities including anti-HIV infection, HERPES and hepatitis viruses.”  Polysaccharides are found in sea algae, a source of bioactive natural compounds.  Sea algae is an important source of many nutrients and dietary fiber.

            Benefits of Astralgus Root:

1.    Immune system booster (1)

a.    Increases white blood cell count

b.    Produces more white blood cells

c.    Strengthens antiviral immunity

d.    Inhibits tumor growth

2.    C_a_n_c_e_r (2)(6)

a.    Heals TELOMERES, which are small pieces of DNA, that degrade with the passage of time resulting in cell death

b.    Stimulates the production of new telomeres.

c.    Kills c_a_n_c_e_r cells, “apoptosis” means cell death (6)

d.    Prevents and reverses multi drug resistance

e.    Studies on animals suggest, astralgus has potent anti-tumor effects

f.     It is extremely safe and well tolerated

g.    Symptoms of chemotherapy greatly reduced

3.    Heart disease (3)

a.    Improves heart health

b.    Prevents plaque buildup in the arteries

c.    Prevents heart disease

d.    Lowers cholesterol

4.    Diabetes (4)

a.    Helps control blood sugar

b.    Regulates important liver enzymes linked to insulin sensitivity

5.    Kidney disease (5)

6.    Anti-aging (6)

7.    Scarring/wound healing (7)

a.    Anti-bacterial

b.    Accelerates wound healing 2-3x

8.    Asthma (8)

     As always, this is not medical advice, it is for informational purposes only.  Consult with your doctor for any and all medical issues especially if you are already taking any prescriptions for anticlotting or blood thinning.  Also do not take if you are on corticosteroids as astralgus root interferes with how this medicine works.  One more word of warning, because it stimulates the immune system, do not take if you have had an organ transplant.

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If the font size, color and type are different - this happens when I transfer the article to blogger, not sure why it happens, but it was not created that way.  So forgive the craziness, and focus on the information!! As always, this article is for informational purposes only and is NOT intended as medical advice!!! 

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