Hey Ladies!!!

Hey Ladies, did you know there is an alternative to mammograms, known as Thermography???

            I don’t know about you but the prospect of getting my breasts smashed between two plates and then getting irradiated, does NOT sound good.  Especially, when it’s not the only game in town.

            Enter Thermography!  An FDA approved non-invasive screening procedure which uses a specialized camera to take infrared photos of any part of your body.

ü  Does not emit any radiation

ü  Is useful for many conditions

ü  Can be used for all ages, sexes

ü  Can help monitor hormonal imbalance

ü  Can be used for women with dense breast tissue

ü  Can be used for women with implants

ü  Can be used for women with fibrotic breast tissue

ü  Is 97% effective

ü  Can detect cancer indicators 8-10 years before other methods

Thermography can also be used to screen other health issues as well!  You can use it to scan your entire body to screen for illness.  So guys get out there and get yourself a body scan, too! STAT!

ü  Deep vein thrombosis

ü  Dental pathologies

ü  Diabetes

ü  Digestion and colon function

ü  General toxicity

ü  Immune and lymphatic function

ü  Inflammation

ü  Joint health

ü  Lung and heart health

ü  Nerve health

ü  Pain

ü  Sinus infections

ü  Thyroid health

ü  Liver, pancreas, spleen and stomach

ü  And more!!!

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If the font size, color and type are different - this happens when I transfer the article to blogger, not sure why it happens, but it was not created that way.  So forgive the craziness, and focus on the information!! As always, this article is for informational purposes only and is NOT intended as medical advice!!! 

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  1. I had my first Therrmography this year. It was painless. The machine never touches your skin, but you get a very good picture of what is going on in your breasts. I will take this option over a traditional mamography any time.


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