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The Case For Copper Water Bottles

            Getting yourself a copper water bottle is an inexpensive way bolster your health.   Drinking water from copper vessels has an amazing array of benefits, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.   According to Ayurveda, copper balances all three “doshas”, the vata, kapha and pitta.   Copper is an essential mineral, functioning as an antioxidant, aiding metabolism, stimulates cell growth, and it is vital to many bodily processes.   A deficiency in copper could result in anemia, cardiovascular and neurologic disorders, irregular bone development and low white blood cell count.             According to an article from NCBI, a study by Sudha et al, proved that storing water in copper kills pathogens and raises the alkalinity of water. “ When drinking-water (pH 7.83±0.4; source: ground) was contaminated with 500 CFU/mL of the above bacteria and stored in copper pots for 16 hours at room temperature, no bacteria could be recovered on the culture medium

Hexagonal Water???

What do you really know about water?             We know the chemical formula is H2O, meaning it has two hydrogen atoms connected to a single oxygen atom. Everybody knows that we drink it, bathe in it, clean things with it and are composed of 70% of it.   Scientists are increasingly discovering just how unusual and unique water is.   It turns out the structure of water is really what counts.   The structure of water makes a huge difference in how the water behaves and reacts.   Think about the differences in carbon.   Depending on its structure, carbon can either be as hard as a diamond or as soft as graphite.   Water “exhibits numerous physical and biophysical properties unlike any other substance in the world.   One of the most important properties is the ability to store information.”( Water is literally a living, liquid crystal, that stores information like quartz. “ Yet research reveals that water has another crystalline form – a

Good Vibrations

Although your body appears solid, it is made up of energy.   Every single aspect of your being has its own vibrational frequency.   Even mental and emotional states have a unique vibratory rate. This is why we say we got “bad vibes” from someone or something.   All living things, such as animals, plants, rocks and crystals manifest an aura. Even physical objects have a subtle energy field surrounding them. In ancient and modern religious/spiritual art the aura is often depicted as a luminous halo surrounding a person or object. The field of Quantum Physics is also beginning to show more scientific evidence of subtle energy and auric fields.   The aura contains seven layers that correspond to each of our chakras.   Disease often begins as an imbalance in the aura, and issues not dealt with soon manifest in the physical body. The chakras are pools of energy in our body, and there are many of them, but there are seven main chakras which run up the spine.   These

Protect your heart/clears plaque buildup...

Read all about Astaxanthin…             Did you know flamingos are born white?   I had no idea until a few weeks ago, when I stumbled over something I had never hear of, astaxanthin.   Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, which is a natural pigment, from green algae, found in orange foods like salmon, lobster and krill. This is why flamingos turn pink, as their diet is mainly brine shrimp and blue green algae.             Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature.   Its ability to fight free radicals is 6,000 times more potent then vitamin C, 550 times the potency of Vitamin E, 50 times more potent then CoQ10, and 40 times higher then beta-carotene.   It can alleviate inflammation, reverse skin aging, and protect against disease.   Foods that are sources of astaxanthin are wild-caught salmon, krill, red trout, lobster, crab, crawfish and salmon roe.   It is also available in supplement form, just be sure to get all natural astaxanthin, as some brands